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Dan Harmon Finally Apologized for That Offensive 'Daryl' Video

And Adult Swim has seemingly accepted his apology.
Beckett Mufson
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The Director of 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' has Been Fired Over Old Tweets

Conservative personalities exhumed a series of James Gunn's old tweets and launched a campaign against him.
Nicole Clark
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A Guide to the Right-Wing Losers Who Suddenly Love Kanye West

Who are these MAGA people who are all suddenly Kanye stans?
Noisey Staff

How truth lost its meaning in Trump's America

The conservative news media and the mainstream are at war over who is “fake news” as Americans' trust the press hits a record low.
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Someone Forged a Sexual Harassment Claim Against Chuck Schumer

The Democrat filed a police report about the fake allegation and asked authorities to investigate, slamming the accusation as "false from start to finish."
Drew Schwartz
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No, NAMBLA Is Not Protesting the Alt-Right for 'Pedo Bashing'

Far-right luminaries like Mike Cernovich would love nothing more than for child molesters to pick a fight with them. But that's not really happening.
Mike Pearl
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Alex Jones's Career Is in Trouble During a Dark Week for Internet Hoaxes

America's foremost conspiracy theorist is going through an acrimonious divorce, and the spillage might jeopardize his career. Elsewhere on the hoax-net, things are similarly dark.
Mike Pearl