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Lawyer Accuses Toronto Police of Beating Young Black Man into a Coma

But the Toronto Police Association says the claims are false.
Manisha Krishnan

Toronto Police Have Officially Been Banned From Marching in the Gay Pride Parade

Pride Toronto members voted to endorse the demands made by Black Lives Matter Toronto.
Manisha Krishnan

Canada Has a Race Problem and We Refuse to Talk About It

The response to the police beating death of Abdirahman Abdi shows how far we'll go to avoid talking about race.
Manisha Krishnan

Toronto Police Union Boss Denies ‘Systemic Racism’ Charge in Latest Ridiculous Rant

Mike McCormack has said some pretty dumb things over the years. Here's one more.
Manisha Krishnan

What Having a ‘Cop’s Cop’ as Police Chief Really Means for Toronto

The message behind the "cop's cop" moniker is clear; it means that Saunders relates with rank-and-file officers and, more importantly, that he will be loyal to them and to the dominant policing culture in Toronto.
Desmond Cole
Vice Blog

​Toronto’s First Black Police Chief Is Not the Reformist Cop Activists Wanted

It's a historic move for Toronto police. But the controversial practice of 'carding' young black Torontonians is unlikely to change soon.
Natalie Alcoba

The Toronto Cop Charged with Murdering Sammy Yatim Is Back to Work

James Forcillo—the police officer charged with second-degree murder for killing 17-year-old Sammy Yatim—has been serving a paid suspension since February, but is now back to work full-time for the Toronto Police. We spoke to the President of the...
Kristy Hoffman