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19 hours ago

Classic: Trump Interrupts First All-Women Spacewalk to Get His Facts Wrong

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir corrected the President, who seemed to think this was the first time women had ever performed a spacewalk, while making history.

3 days ago

Turkey Warns the U.S. Not to Interfere With Syria Invasion: 'No Power Can Stop Us'

The Turkish president has ruled out a ceasefire and refused to meet with Mike Pence. Meanwhile, Russia is filling the vacuum left by Trump's troop withdrawal.


Trump Is Convinced Iran Was Behind the Massive Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities

And now Iran is warning it's ready for a "full-fledged" war.


Trump ‘Suggested’ Mike Pence Stay at His Golf Resort That's 3 Hours From Dublin — and You're Paying For It

"I don't think it was a request, like a command," said Marc Short, Pence's chief of staff. "I think that it was a suggestion."


LGBTQ People Are Furious at This Queer Center for Hosting a Right-Wing Event

A campaign to get LGBTQ people to leave the Democratic Party is coming to a prominent New York community center, causing major uproar.


Watch Ellen Page Call Out Mike Pence’s Homophobia on ‘The Late Show’

Page said the US vice president “has hurt LGBTQ people so badly” and “wishes I couldn’t be married.”


100 Copies of John Oliver’s Gay Kids’ Book Got Sent to Karen Pence’s School

"Please accept our gift... which you may include in your school’s library or classrooms, and share with your family and friends."


How Trump's New Space Force Could Go Horribly Wrong

"An explosion in space... never really ends."


Trump is thrilled that NFL players can’t kneel during the anthem anymore

But he doesn't think the NFL rule goes far enough: "Maybe they shouldn't be in the country."


Trump, Pence Revel in "Win" Over NFL Anthem Protests

The Vice President of the United States tweeted "Winning" alongside a screengrab from Very Fake News CNN and the President retweeted it.


PHOTOS: The first gay pride parade in Mike Pence’s hometown was wild

The veep himself didn’t attend, but Mike "Hot" Pence did.


Even Pence's Daughter Bought a Copy of John Oliver's Gay Bunny Book

The 'Last Week Tonight' children's book has already completely sold out.