Mike Tyson

  • The Cult: Mike Tyson

    To opponents and wider society, Mike Tyson instilled fear. To mark his 50th birthday, we're inducting one of the most terrifying and controversial heavyweight boxers of all time into The Cult.

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    Even once Mike Tyson had torn through the heavyweight division and unified the belts, one title still eluded him: the linear heavyweight championship.

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    Reach has been considered a key attribute of any fighter since gloved fighting began, but it is also commonly misunderstood. We take a look at the difference between the use and misuse of reach in combat sports.

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    Inspired by the announcement of Iron Mike Tyson appearing as an unlockable fighter in the forthcoming EA UFC 2 video game, we came up with a list of other combatants we'd like to see and play in the franchise.

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    The former champion-turned-philosopher-king brings knowledge to late-night TV.