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Drunk Birds Are Currently Terrorizing a Town in Minnesota

They're turnt up and they're dive-bombing moving cars.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Teen Got Her Head Stuck in a Tailpipe and Just Owned the Hell Out of It

"Yeah I'm the tailpipe girl, whatchu know about it?"
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

We Talked to the Dedicated Reporter Who Covered the Viral Raccoon Saga

Minnesota Public Radio reporter Tim Nelson is the true hero of this story.
Lauren Messman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

LIVE: Raccoon Stuck on Ledge of a Giant Office Building

It's currently stuck on the 23rd floor.
Lauren Messman
New music

Low Are Back with Three (Mostly) Caustic New Songs

"Quorum," "Dancing and Blood," and "Fly" are the first three songs from 'Double Negative,' the band's 12th studio LP, out on Sub Pop in September.
Alex Robert Ross

HS Pitcher Strikes Out Friend for Championship Bid, Immediately Consoles Him

The pitcher knew the batter since they were kids. So when he struck him out to advance to the Minnesota state championship, he didn't want to celebrate right away.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Minnesota Player Rebounds and Scores While Sitting on His Ass

Amir Coffey, a Gopher, saw a clearing in a forest of men and shot his shot.
Liam Daniel Pierce
House Party

Here's Where the Democrats Must Win to Retake the House in 2018

Our preview of the midterms starts with a look at the most flippable seats in the country.
Robert Wheel
Views My Own

Al Franken, Resign

A woman just accused the Minnesota senator of sexual misconduct. If he's really an advocate for women's rights, he should step down.
Eve Peyser
Noisey News

There's a Petition to Replace a Christopher Columbus Statue with a Prince Memorial

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1492.
Lauren O'Neill
whoa, dude!

Belle & Sebastian Accidentally Forgot Their Drummer at a Rest Stop

Oh get him away from there, he's dying (but not actually).
Phil Witmer

What Anti-Pipeline Activists Have Learned from Standing Rock

The South Dakota protest didn't stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, but it energized a movement.
Cole Kazdin