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Rain City Jacks Is Seattle's Premier Masturbation Club

It's like Fight Club but instead of punching, men are touching each others' peens. (And you can talk about it.)


Letters Mourning the Loss of ChAvril, the Only Canadian Couple Worth Crying Over

Like the plastic flames adorning the side of a souped-up Honda Civic cruising down the Coquihalla, theirs was a love that shone ever so brightly.


Crust Punk Porn Is as Grimy as You Think It Is

We chatted with the Philadelphia couple behind Fringe Fuckers, who are making real porn for real punks.


I Got My Pussy Stoned with Weed Lube

I have a sketchy track record when it comes to enjoying pot, but when I heard about Foria, the world’s first cannabis lube designed especially to enhance female sexual pleasure, I thought it would be a great way to beat my pot fear.