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An Independent Database Has Found Canada Lost Over 600 Missing or Murdered Aboriginal Men

Canadian law enforcement "actively suppresse[s]" racial data from statistics. As a result, Stats Canada does not include race in the annual count of the country’s homicides.
Martha Troian

A New UN Report Urges An Inquiry Into the Cases of Over 1,200 Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

“We pride ourselves on our human rights agenda and if that’s not a violation of human rights when women are treated differently or victimized more often, I don’t know what is.”
Emma Paling

Canadians Everywhere Are Protesting Against Harper's Apathy Towards Missing Aboriginal Women

Canadians have been organizing railway blockades and intense protests over the Harper government's decision to ignore urgent requests from provincial governments and the United Nations, by not holding an inquiry into the unsolved cases of over 80...
Nicky Young

Crossfit Discriminates Against Trans Women, While ‘Top Chef Canada’ Discriminates Against All Women

Sarah Ratchford is back for another rundown of this week's highlights and lowlights in the world of gender politics.
Sarah Ratchford

A Recent Blockade For Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Hasn't Swayed Stephen Harper

We went to the scene of a sizeable blockade in Belleville, Ontario last week to chat with the organizers of a protest designed to shake the Conservative government into action.
Muna Mire

Why Does Canada Care More About 'Honour Killings' Than Missing Aboriginal Women?

In February, Loretta Saunders, an aboriginal woman completing her thesis on missing and murdered aboriginal women, was murdered herself. Now many aboriginal rights groups, women's rights organizations, and countries around the world are calling on the...
Emma Paling