Mitch Landrieu

    • 1.31.14

      Traffic Cameras Are a Municipal Moneymaking Scam

      Cameras that automatically photograph cars that run red lights and exceed the speed limit don't make cities safer, as their proponents—they're just an easy revenue source for cash-strapped municipalities.

    • 1.27.14

      The Music Lover’s Guide to the New Orleans Elections

      The city is famous for its music, but in recent years a number of politicians have sided with groups calling for clubs and bars to turn down the volume, resulting in protests and calls to elect some new, music-friendly leaders.

    • 12.31.13

      New Orleans's Year in Murders

      For New Orleans, 2013 was marked by shootings, many of them gang-related, many of them leading to utterly senseless deaths of teenagers, children, and even some people who were trying to help the city.

    • 4.5.13

      New Orleans's War on Music

      Louisiana’s Department of Tourism recently launched a new ad campaign that declared, “No America We Will Not ‘Turn That Music Down.’” But on the ground, the authorities in New Orleans have been trying to quiet the city’s famously vibrant music scene.

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