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The UFC Released Its Archives, and All the Best Videos Are Now on YouTube

The mixed martial arts pioneer digs deep for the first time, allowing for an unprecedented look into the sport’s past.


Conor McGregor Under Investigation for Sexual Assault: Report

The New York Times says the MMA star was arrested in January and remains under investigation. McGregor announced his retirement earlier today.


Logan Paul Wants to Fight in the UFC

The YouTube person is going to box another YouTube person soon, but he has his sights set on the UFC and Conor McGregor or CM Punk.


Inside China's MMA Club for Poor and Orphaned Boys

Enbo MMA Club has trained hundreds of children from impoverished Tibetan communities, giving kids like Banma Duoji—a rising professional competitor—a chance to thrive.


Ten Years Later, PRIDE FC Still Looks Like a Comic Book Come to Life

The Japanese promotion put entertainment first, and everyone is finally catching up.


MMA Now Fully Recognised and Regulated by Danish Government

The IMMAF and its Danish representative, the DMMAF, have successfully convinced the government in Denmark to recognize mixed martial arts as a sport.


The Cult: Anderson Silva

For a record 16 successive fights, Anderson Silva was undefeated in the Octagon. The Brazilian became the most feared man in the UFC, dispatching his opponents with an air of nonchalance. But, like all good things, Silva's streak could not last.


The Elements of Style: The Jab

A jab is as personal to a fighter as his signature or fingerprint: some flick, some jolt, some hit nothing but air. We discuss the dynamics and styles of the greatest fighters to lace up gloves.


Sorry Snowflakes, Fighting Is Political

It takes a certain amount of privilege to be able to ignore the politics inherent in fight culture.


A Brief History of Outsiders Insulting MMA

As we recover from Meryl Streep's devastating blow to our glass-jawed egos, we take a look back at the other ways in which prominent politicians, boxers, and scribes have used their platforms to denigrate our sport and hurt our MMA-loving feelings.


Hey Meryl Streep, MMA Is the Best Argument Against Donald Trump

The actress stabs the president-elect at the Golden Globes but nicks our sport in the process.


MMA as an Art: A Polite Response to Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep's heartwarming speech at the Golden Globes hit a bum note when she besmirched the good name of MMA. We take a look at the imaginary criteria of "art" and discuss MMA as beautiful, cruel, and emotive.