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The Secret to the Gruesome Sounds in Mortal Kombat Is Exploding Vegetables

We smashed bell peppers with Mortal Kombat’s sound designers to simulate the game's gore.
Dexter Thomas
Michael Shade
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Black Mirror's 'Striking Vipers' is a Skin Deep Exploration of VR Sex

Netflix's fifth season of 'Black Mirror,' follows two best friends who find their relationship complicated by a virtual reality game
Nicole Clark
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Thundercat Shares the Classic Gamer Struggle on "Friend Zone"

"I'd rather play Mortal Kombat, anyways."
Phil Witmer

Remembering Fighting Games' Fatalities Arms Race

We look back at the Mortal Kombat wannabes with two games industry veterans from the blood-soaked early 1990s.
William Barboza

‘Eternal Champions’ Is the Game That Quenched a Teenage Thirst for Gore

It was more messily slapstick than outright offensive, but Sega's fighter took a look at Mortal Kombat's fatalities and said: we can do better.
Mike Diver
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Check Out These Elaborate Video Game Cosplay Costumes

EGX Cosplay Championship is the biggest cosplay event in Britain. We went there and took pictures of attendees dressed up as everyone from Jolteon to Reptile.
Stuart Murray
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There’s Much More Than Gore to ‘Mortal Kombat X’

With its goofy story and newcomer-friendly options, NetherRealm's fighter is a hardcore game with a soft, quite possibly skewered, heart.
Mike Diver
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Would You Really Call Social Services Because a Kid Was Playing ‘GTA’?

In the UK, a group called the Nantwich Education Partnership is campaigning to make the playing of mature-rated games by those under the recommended age an offense worthy of a call to the police, or worse.
Mike Diver
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Toasting the Failed Experiments Behind Modern Video Gaming’s Greatest Hits

Some of today's hit games and gaming genres aren't the innovators you think they are. Others came before—and those titles shouldn't be forgotten.
Ian Dransfield
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The Glorious, Gory History of 'Mortal Kombat'

Crude, violent, and innovative, the franchise's legacy extends far beyond the early censorship struggles that resulted in the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
Aoife Wilson

"Classical Dubstep" is a Thing Now I Guess

Also, um, Mortal Kombat?
Matt Earp

Comic-Con Parties Are Where Nerds Go to Feel Sexy

Comic-Con used to be a place to buy old comics and a nexus for the entire sci-fi/fantasy nerd culture. San Diego was one of the few places where a nerd could comfortably walk around town dressed like Mr. Spock without catching weird glances. Now, it's...
Dave Schilling