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If You Don’t Want to Have Kids, You Don’t Have to Want a Career Instead

Forget having it "all"—why aren’t women allowed to just have "not much in particular," and be happy with it?


Former Google Employee Plans to Sue for Pregnancy Discrimination

The author of a viral memo accusing Google of discriminating and retaliating against her for being pregnant went public to reveal her name and her plans to file a lawsuit against the tech giant.


The Term 'Natural Birth' Shames Moms. It's Time to Lose It

Having a C-section or getting an epidural doesn't mean you're less of a mother.


The Women Who Gave Birth Without Knowing They Were Pregnant

'Cryptic pregnancies' are extremely rare, and the true stories behind how they happen are both complicated and traumatic.


Are Black Parents Partly Culpable in their Daughter's Hair Struggle?

Netflix's 'Nappily Ever After' dares to ask, and the answer is finally yes.


Why Does Everyone Need 'Tully' to Be a PSA for Moms?

Screenwriter Diablo Cody based her third film with director Jason Reitman on experience, not science.


Arab Women Tell Us Why They Don't Want to Become Mothers

"I don't want to have to choose between buying myself a dress or getting diapers for a baby"


Why We're Obsessed with Killer Nannies

An ongoing murder trial in New York and the book inspired by the case point to a special brand of primal fear that isn't as simple as you might think.


How Not to Be an Ass When Your Friends Start Having Babies

A lot can go wrong when newborn babies start infiltrating your social circle.


What It's Like to Rebound as a Young, Homeless Mother

With affordable housing facing a crunch under Trump, it's harder than ever for young families to cope. Still, some find the support they need.


An Expert Explains Why Some Women Murder Their Children

"The vast majority were very remorseful, and were trying to cope with it in whichever way they could."


I’m a 29-Year-Old Pregnant Virgin

"This is me giving a middle finger to the people who told me I couldn’t do it because I’m not married yet."