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Having Migos on Carpool Karaoke Is the Best Thing James Corden's Ever Done

The North Atlanta trio put their spin on classics like Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" while carrying a wild amount of cash.
Kristin Corry
Objectively Correct Lists

The Official "MotorSport" Music Video Power Ranking

With Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B in one clip together, somebody has to stand out.
Lauren O'Neill
the death of ayrton senna

The Death of Ayrton Senna and the Long Search for Blame

Ayrton Senna died on 1 May 1994. What followed was a grim afterword to the great Brazilian's life story: the search for an explanation and, ultimately, for someone to blame for his death.
Jim Weeks
mysterious minor royals

The Mysterious Nigerian Prince Who Scammed His Way Into Owning an F1 Team

Ahead of the 1999 season, a Nigerian prince became the co-owner of Formula 1 stalwarts Arrows. Before the campaign was over he had disappeared, leaving the team in the lurch and considerable confusion as to his motives.
Jim Weeks

​After Ringing the Changes, Will Formula 1 Be Worth Watching Again in 2017?

If there is an institution with more lapsed followers than the Catholic Church, it's Formula 1. Will a raft of changes to the cars bring back the glory days, or is it doomed to another year in the doldrums?
Ben Halls
man against machine

The Cult: Fernando Alonso

Ahead of the new F1 season, we're inducting a modern grand prix great into The Cult. With his career nearing its conclusion, Fernando Alonso's haul of two world titles feels like scant reward for a man of such extensive talents.
Jim Weeks
Gone Fishing

The Cult: Casey Stoner

Despite winning two MotoGP titles and 38 grands prix, Casey Stoner never truly received the praise he deserved during his career. In retirement, however, the Australian rider's legend status – not to mention his place in The Cult – is assured.
Jim Weeks
apartheid & sport

Remembering Formula 1's Long Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

By 1985, most sports had long since turned their back on apartheid South Africa, but Formula 1 was still competing there annually. When it finally left, humanitarian reasons may not have been top of the agenda.
Jim Weeks
king of the desert

​In Conversation With Sam Sunderland, The First British Winner of the Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is a unique physical and psychological challenge that pushes body and mind to the limit. We spoke to Sam Sunderland, winner of the 2017 event in the motorcycle category, about how to survive this gruelling off-road adventure.
Jim Weeks
sport in nazi germany

The British Grand Prix Star Who Flew the Flag for Nazi Germany

Handsome, brave and talented, Richard Seaman was among the brightest stars of inter-war grand prix racing, but today he is largely forgotten in Britain. That is in no small part down to his close links with Hitler and Nazi Germany.
Jim Weeks

Reigning Dakar Bikes Champion Toby Price Suffers Seizure During Crash Recovery

Toby Price's recovery from his Dakar crash has been complicated by a seizure, believed to be caused by a blood clot in the reigning bikes champion's lung.
Andrew van Leeuwen,

Manor's Formula 1 Future in Doubt

​The future of the Manor Formula 1 team has been thrown into doubt amid mounting suggestions that the outfit is on the verge of going into administration.
Jonathan Noble,