Andrew Scheer Emulates Trump with MS-13 Border Scare Tactic

There’s no evidence to suggest that large numbers of criminals or MS-13 gangsters are trying to enter Canada via the U.S.


“They basically disappeared him”

How Trump is using a refugee agency to jail immigrant kids


I Joked I’d Rather My Daughter Date MS-13 Than the GOP and Now Everyone’s Mad

People were messaging me and in some cases threatening to murder me and my family—which is ironic considering I compared Republicans to a violent gang of criminals.


Trump called immigrants “animals” and the White House isn’t backing down

Instead of apologizing, the White House used "animals" nine times in a press release about the MS-13 gang.


This Montana Republican's Insane Campaign Ad Is Racist as Hell

Former judge Russ Fagg warns voters in his state about the famous and well-known direct pipeline from El Salvador to Helena.


Murder in the Suburbs

US deportation policy is stoking gang violence across the nation. 


Here are Some More Photos of Disneyland's Awkward Gangs

I guess it would be a stretch to call them gangs. After all, they're just friends (mostly adults) who want to hang out with like-minded people at a theme park a couple times a month...