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Taylor Swift Sold a Million Copies of an Album That Didn’t Need Hits

Figures confirm that 'Reputation' was 2017's best-selling album, but tell another story about the loyalty of Swift's fans.
Tshepo Mokoena

Inside YouTube's Hitmaking Electronic Music Channels

The founders of UKF Dubstep, Mr. SuicideSheep​, La Belle Musique and more on the history and future of their platforms.
David Turner
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SoundCloud Announces New Music Recommendation Feature Called The Upload

It uses machine learning to collect new music you might like in one place.
Alexander Iadarola
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SoundCloud Launches $5 Subscription Streaming Service

The streaming platform has introduced a mid-price ad-free service with access to 120 million songs.
Alexander Iadarola
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UK Vinyl Sales at 25-Year High

Over 3.2 million units were sold in 2016, which is 53% more than the previous year's figures.
Alexander Iadarola
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Amazon Launches Music Streaming Service

Its pricing goes as low as $3.99 per month.
Alexander Iadarola
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ANOHNI Said She Regrets Working with Apple on "Drone Bomb Me" Video

"My being bought as a politically outspoken artist is a more potent advertising tool for Apple than a 100 more explicit ads."
Alexander Iadarola
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Spotify Might Be Acquiring SoundCloud

According to Financial Times, the Swedish streaming giant is readying a potential "checkmate" move that will prove rather daunting for their competition.
David Garber
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People Are Streaming Music on Audio Platforms More Than Video Platforms for the First Time

On-demand streams in the US market are also up 58.3% from a year ago.
Alexander Iadarola
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Playboy Now Has A Music Streaming Service

And, of course, models will be involved.
Krystal Rodriguez
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Spotify Employee Salaries Grow 152% as Musicians Struggle in Age of Streaming

This week the company released its 2015 financial findings, and the average employee is making $168,747.
Alexander Iadarola
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SoundCloud May Block All DJ Mixes That Aren't Fully Cleared

An anonymous source has claimed that a "significant and serious" round of limitations is on the horizon.
Alexander Iadarola