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The Nightmare of Trying to Get Around Trump's Latest Travel Ban

"Losing someone like a brother is unimaginably difficult, but not being with my family makes it 100 times harder.”
Meredith Hoffman

The Muslim Millennial Leading the Anti-Trump Resistance

Murad Awawdeh, a key player behind the protests against the travel ban, was once just another Brooklyn kid getting hassled by cops.
Aviva Stahl
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The Rock Wants to Be Cooking in the Oval Office

The former WWE superstar said there's a "real possibility" he'll run for president.
Drew Schwartz

‘Papers, Please’ Is Frighteningly Resonant in Trump's America

What to do when "just doing your job" puts you on the wrong side of morality.
Dawn Saas

New Numbers Suggest Trump Really Might Be Driving Away Tourism

Travel spending is in decline. Are Trump's "America First" policies to blame?
Mike Pearl
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Trump Just Signed a Revised Travel Ban

The new executive order places a temporary travel ban on Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen, and moves the cap on refugees down to just 50,000 people.
Lauren Messman
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What It’s Like to Be an Iranian Woman Trending in Alabama

Between the hateful comments, I found a reason to reach out.
Shadi Bozorg
dexter fowler

​Dexter Fowler's Family Impacted by Muslim Travel Ban, and He's Not Sticking to Sports

Dexter Fowler's family has been affected by Trump's Muslim ban, and fans are not happy that he's speaking out about it.
Dave Brown

How Federal Civil Servants Are Waging Bureaucratic War Against Trump

Some protest movements happen in the streets, others happen behind a desk.
Justin Caffier
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Trump's Travel Ban Just Took a Major Hit from an Appeals Court

A three-judge panel ruled unanimously that a temporary halt to Trump's controversial executive order should remain in place.
Mike Pearl

How 'Looking the Part' Lets Theresa May Get Away with Her Very Own 'Refugee Ban'

Even in the UK people are more outraged about Trump. Here's why.
Tom Whyman
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Americans split on Trump immigration ban, Patriots and Brady smash records in Super Bowl comeback win, Turkey detains almost 750 over suspected ISIS links, and more.
VICE Staff