There Are No Good Guys in ‘Narcos: Mexico’

The fourth season takes us to the origin of America's war on drugs and into a world filled with "bad guys and very bad guys."
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Everything on Netflix That Won’t Remind You of Doug Ford 😉

Relax, Ontario. Everything is going to be fine.
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What TV Shows to Watch for the Rest of 2018

From 'Disenchantment' to 'The Purge,' here's a guide to what shows are still coming this year.
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Treat Yourself to a New Music Video for Toto's "Africa," With Pablo Escobar

Forget the original. This is the best damn thing we've seen all year.
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Pablo Escobar's Brother Is Suing Netflix for $1 Billion

"If we don't receive it, we will close their little show," Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria said of 'Narcos.'
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The New Season of 'Narcos' Takes on the Cali Cartel

The third season follows Pablo Escobar's real-life syndicate successors, whom the DEA once dubbed the "Cali KGB."
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

FBI director reportedly asked feds to refute wiretap claim, GOP set to introduce Obamacare replacement this week, US Marines under investigation for nude photo sharing, and more.
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Watch an Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at Pablo Escobar’s Death on Narcos

See how the show prepared for the kingpin's gruesome end.
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What McDonald's and Walmart Can Teach Drug Cartels

Writer Tom Wainwright's latest book <i>Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel</i> looks at the drug trade as if it were a legal business, finding common ground between the underworld and legitimate corporations.
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The Extraordinarily Dangerous Life of a Social Media Activist Taking on Mexico’s Narcos

A Facebook fan page with 615,000 followers is the narcos' ultimate enemy in Tamaulipas, Mexico, but the dangers posed to activist administrators, and those around them, make every post a risk.
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Blowing Up $200,000 Worth of Cocaine with the Peruvian National Police

In this excerpt from our new documentary, we travel to the jungle with the Peruvian National Police to bust hidden cocaine labs.
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How Pablo Escobar's Legacy of Violence Drives Today's Cartel Wars - Part 2

In part two of this VICE documentary, a former Escobar hitman gives us a tour of the criminal underworld in Lima, Peru.
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