Why Some Meth and DMT Users Are Using Vapes

There’s little research on the safety of vaping drugs beyond nicotine and cannabis, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.
Richard Greenhill
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Rose McGowan Says Arrest Warrant Is an Attempt to 'Silence' Her

The actress and outspoken Harvey Weinstein accuser called the warrant for felony drug possession "a load of horseshit."
Drew Schwartz
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Inside the first court designed to keep opioid addicts alive

Antonia Hylton
Opioid Crisis

The crackdown on opioid prescriptions in Canada is pushing some people to the street

Canada has been trying to stem the flow of opioids onto the streets, but it may be making the problem worse by creating new black market clients.
Rachel Browne
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Will We Ever Be Able to Take Drugs Safely?

In this week's VICE podcast, we talk about "harm reduction," the movement to make drug use as safe and fun as it can be.
VICE Staff
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Someone Shipped $55 Million Worth of Cocaine to a Coca-Cola Factory

A Coca-Cola plant in France opened a shipping container that was supposed to be full of juice and discovered around 800 pounds of blow.
Matthew James-Wilson

Can You Reverse the Horrible Long-Term Effects of Drugs with Exercise, Food, and Vitamins?

We went through a few of the world's favourite substances—booze, weed, coke, MDMA, NOS, and ketamine—to examine how you can mitigate the damage they cause to your body.
Jack Blocker

Why Do the British Love Ketamine So Much?

Most American recreational drug users turn up their noses at the drug known as special k, but in the UK, it's become fully integrated into the country's party scene.
Max Daly

What McDonald's and Walmart Can Teach Drug Cartels

Writer Tom Wainwright's latest book Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel looks at the drug trade as if it were a legal business, finding common ground between the underworld and legitimate corporations.
Seth Ferranti
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Carrots, Coke, and Kinder Eggs: Today's Weird Drug Smuggling News

Police have found cocaine in Kinder Eggs and weed in carrots.
VICE Staff

A Brief History of Meth

How an experimental asthma remedy became one of the world's most feared drugs.
Julian Morgans

Why Are London Cops So Worried About Laughing Gas?

For Lambeth council, clamping down on NOS canister litter is an easier win that focusing on the borough's real drug issues.
Max Daly