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Trump Reportedly Tapped Vice Admiral Robert Harward to Replace Flynn

The retired Navy SEAL apparently told Trump he'd need a few days to think about taking the vacant national security adviser job.


The timeline of Flynn’s resignation raises all kinds of red flags for the White House

It’s unclear what happens to General Michael Flynn, the now ex-National Security Adviser, but the timeline on how we got to his resignation raises all kinds of red flags for the White House.


US Intelligence Agencies Investigated Michael Flynn's Ties to Russia

Trump's new national security advisor called the Russian ambassador on the same day President Obama announced new sanctions​ against the country in response to election hacking allegations.


Trump's National Security Advisor Mishandled Classified Information in Afghanistan

Army documents show that Michael T. Flynn shared military intel with foreign officials without authorization while he served as US military intelligence chief.


2015 Is Canada’s Year of the Spy

Job shakeups show that Stephen Harper is looking to focus on security and intelligence in the new year.