A Canadian Branch of Anonymous Is Standing Up for Anti-Fracking Protesters

They're particularly mad about an RCMP officer who, at the protest, said: "crown land belongs to the government, not to fucking Natives."


Human Safari

Tourists on India's Andaman Islands are taken by the busload to watch the Jarawa tribe go about their daily lives. The Jarawa are treated like animals in a safari park, with large signs urging visitors not to feed them or give them clothing.


The Wildly Depressing History of Canadian Residential Schools

After hearings earlier this year revealed the use of an electric chair as a punishment device for Native children at residential schools, we looked into the horrifying and torturous history of Canada's sick attempt to solve the "Indian Problem."


What Exactly Is Idle No More?

In case you haven't been paying attention, here's an update on what the Idle No More protests are all about.