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The Prisoners Who Told the World About the Holocaust

A new exhibition at London's Wiener Library tells the story of the men and women who snuck evidence out of concentration camps, enlightening the public and ruling powers across the world.


'Bill and Ted' Almost Traveled to Nazi Germany to Kidnap Hitler

It would've been a much different movie.


Putin shows off new “invincible” nukes during military parade

Among the new hardware was the hypersonic missile "Kinzhal," a weapon Putin calls "invincible."


People from Auschwitz Explain What It's Like to Live There

Auschwitz is also just a town with a shopping mall and a KFC.


Christopher Nolan's New Movie Looks Like a Straightforward WWII Epic

It'll be interesting to see how Nolan tackles a war story, since there probably won't be any high concept mind-fucks like 'Inception' or 'Prestige'-y twists.


How Hungary's Anti-Semitic Far-Right Poster Boy Found Out He Was a Jew

In 2006, Csanád Szegedi was Vice President of the country's virulently anti-semitic Jobbik Party. Then, his career came tumbling down after it emerged that his family had survived Auschwitz and Nazi labour camps.


​Nazis, Thieves, and a Dog Named Pickles: The Unsolved Mystery of the First World Cup Trophy

In 1930, FIFA President Jules Rimet commissioned a trophy for the first World Cup. Since then it has been stolen, hidden, hunted, and lost. If it even still exists.


Throwback Thursday: Everything You Think Know About Jesse Owens at Hitler's 1936 Nazi Olympics Is Wrong

It is an accident of history that we can still watch and appreciate Owens's famous race because of a Nazi sympathizer.


Stop Trying to Catch Pokémon While Visiting Auschwitz

The Holocaust memorial site went ahead and added its name to the already long list of places where you should absolutely not play 'Pokémon Go.'


Life, Death, Tennis and the Nazis: Gottfried von Cramm, The Man That Wimbledon Forgot

Gottfried von Cramm was one of Germany’s greatest tennis players, and a gay sportsman who stood up to the Nazis. His legacy has been overshadowed, but deserves to be brought into the light.


Meet the 93-Year-Old Who Grew Up in Nazi Germany Then Became the 'Human Google'

We tiptoed around stacks of files on the Kray twins and Kardashians, in Edda Tasiemka's massive personal archive of newspaper clippings.


Why Were Two Prominent Italian Jews Detained at Auschwitz This Week?

The incident began at the site of the notorious concentration camp and lasted about six hours, feeding concern about resurgent anti-Semitism in Europe.