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Neil Young Stars in a Musical Western Coming to Netflix and It’s Weird as Hell

Will Netflix become home to the festival films that used to just disappear?
Frederick Blichert
VICE Morning Bulletin

VICE Morning Bulletin

Feds said to be investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, at least 31 killed in Mogadishu restaurant siege, suspected Virginia shooter had a licensed gun, and more.
VICE Staff
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'Silence of the Lambs' Director Jonathan Demme Has Died at 73

The prolific filmmaker also worked with a slew of iconic musicians, from Bruce Springsteen to Neil Young to the Talking Heads.
Lauren Messman

We Need Better Movies and Songs About the Impending Climate Apocalypse

Imagine if Aziz and his TV pals chatted about rising sea levels over beers?
Jordan Foisy
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Neil Young Brings His Extremely Expensive PonoMusic Player to Canada

Time to Pono up the cash.
Adelaide Andrews

Christopher Wahl on Christopher Wahl: We Made Canada’s Best Portrait Photographer Brag About His Photos

We got Wahl to spill the behind-the-scenes stories on Neil Young, Roger Federer, just to name a few.
Aidan Johnston

9 Pieces of Audio Technology That Will Shop or Flop in 2015

What are YOU going to waste your money on in 2015?
Jesse Champagne

Paul Thomas Anderson on 'Inherent Vice,' Kubrick, and Hangovers

"I think it's good to think of the film as, like, that moment when you wake up in the morning and you've been drinking the night before."
Amelia Abraham

Indigenous Lawsuits Could Paralyze the Tar Sands

The constitutionally protected rights of indigenous people to hunt, fish, trap, and be consulted when new developments are being built are under attack due to rapid industrial growth. Following extreme de-regulation under the Harper Government at the...
Michael Toledano

'Neil Young Lies' Is Pro-Oil Propaganda at its Worst

Earlier this week, an attack site called Neil Young Lies popped up in my Facebook feed, and I was immediately interested in what appeared to be an organized attempt to discredit Neil’s attention-grabbing, anti-tar sands activism. Mr. Young is an aging...
Patrick McGuire

Oil Has Been Spilling Near Cold Lake, Alberta for Almost Nine Months and No One Knows Why

Eight months and nearly two million litres of spilled bitumen later, Canadian energy company CNRL hasn’t figured out how to stop four mysterious leaks in northeastern Alberta.
Sarah Berman

Neil Young Says We’re Breaking Our Promise to the First Nations

At a press event earlier in the day, Neil Young told reporters that an oil sands extraction site was “one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.” That his celebrity was needed for attention to be paid to this issue, he told the press, was “a sorry state...
Michael Toledano