New Video May Signal Dangerous Change For Neo-Nazi Terror Cell

A new propaganda video showcases Atomwaffen’s "intention to enter a new violent phase,” says an expert.


Canadian Far-Right Party Becomes Official, Outs All Its Members

As per Elections Canada rules, the names of the Canadian Nationalist Party members became public when the party became legit—the members' identities were quickly amplified by anti-fascists.


Police Warn that Accused Neo-Nazi Canadian Soldier Could Have Fled to U.S.

Police in Minnesota warn that Patrik Mathews may be in the state, which is believed to have an active cell of The Base, the terror group he is alleged to be a part of.


Army Reservist Tied to Neo-Nazi Terror Cell Is Missing

Manitoba RCMP confirmed to VICE that the 26-year-old has been missing since Saturday.


Editor of Canada’s Most Racist Paper Gets Year in Prison for Promoting Hate

James Sears, a former pick-up artist and editor of Your Ward News, was sentenced to a year in prison for promoting hatred against women and Jewish people.


New Paramilitary Training Video Emerges of Neo-Nazi Terror Group

The footage comes as an alleged member of The Base was outed as a soldier in the Canadian military.


Far-Right Group Tries to Run for Office, Discovers That Means Outing Themselves

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network says that if the Canadian Nationalist Party files their paperwork to run in the next election, they'll release everyone's name who signed up as a member.


Canada Adds Far-Right Groups to Terror Watch List for First Time

Canada has added far-right groups Blood and Honour and Combat 18 to its terror watch list.


Twitch Sues to Identify Users Who Uploaded Christchurch Video and Porn to Its Platform

Users posted the violating material to the section of Twitch for Valve-developed game 'Artifact' over Memorial Day weekend.


Someone Flew a Nazi Flag, So an Indigenous Man Burned It

The incident was filmed in Saskatchewan last week and speaks to the brazenness many on the far right have right now, experts say.


Hamilton Promises Investigation Into Employment of Former Neo-Nazi Leader

The city council discussed their employment of Marc Lemire, former head of the Heritage Front, after VICE revealed he was working in their IT department.


Former Neo-Nazi Leader Has Been on City of Hamilton’s Payroll for Years

Former Heritage Front leader Marc Lemire has been working in the IT department of Canada’s tenth largest city. Former city councillor Matthew Green, who is black, feels he was put in danger by Lemire’s employment.