Pete Holmes’ ‘Crashing’ Takes on the Misogynist Dinosaurs of Comedy

The comedian talks Christianity, Louis C.K, and the threat of “sleeper dorks.”
Nick Rose
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I Rewatched 'The Hobbit' to Figure Out Why Movies Have Gotten So Ugly

The first film of the Hobbit trilogy was slammed for looking awful at the time of its release. So why do so many movies look just like it all these years later?
Justin Caffier
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Radiohead Is a Cult and Arenas Are Their Church

The band’s long-anticipated return to Toronto was an ideal opportunity to unravel their records' hidden layers.
Corinne Przybyslawski

Simon Pegg Doesn’t Want to Be Your Geek Boy Anymore

We sat with the ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ star to talk about his new movie, career and the toxic geek culture surrounding ‘Star Wars’ now.
Noel Ransome
Objectively Correct Lists

A Few Key Things Elton John Should Be Aware of Now That He's Joined Tumblr

Sir Elton, let me tell you about 'Homestuck.' And 'Steven Universe.' And SuperWhoLock.
Phil Witmer
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Some Nerds Are Using Your Favorite TV Shows to Explain Radiohead Albums

'Spongebob,' 'Seinfeld,' and more reveal the futility of modern existence.
Andrea Domanick

The Star of 'Black Lightning' On Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Black Nerd

I spoke to Black Lightning star Cress Williams and series creator Salim Akil about the dopeness of their show, ‘Black Panther’ and being optimistic about Hollywood.
Noel Ransome
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Science Says Han Solo Is a Cold Blooded Killer

A new book goes deep on the physics of ‘Star Wars’—including one of the fandom’s most disputed controversies.
Frederick Blichert

What I Learned Working Out at a Gym for Nerds

Swinging maces and channeling He-Man for gains.
Justin Caffier
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Some Nerds Used Algorithms to Find Out Which Word Is the "Most Hip-Hop"

They also discovered that "racism" is one of the words that is most central to Kanye West's work, whatever that means.
Phil Witmer
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Hey Nerds, Here’s Six-and-a-Half Hours of Radiohead Shows to Watch

Full sets from recent shows in the Netherlands, Italy, and Poland were uploaded to at the start of the weekend.
Alex Robert Ross

Actually, Lou Williams, Maybe You're the Nerd

The Los Angeles Clippers guard said he was just talking trash when he called sportswriters nerds, but maybe he's just a self-loather.
Corbin Smith