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Man Arrested For Laundering Money After Literally Laundering Money

“They'll never think to look in the washing machine!!!!"
Mack Lamoureux

This Guy Devoured a Slab of Raw, Bloody Meat to Taunt a Vegan Festival

Attendees said the slab of meat was "literally dripping" with blood.
Drew Schwartz
Scene Reports

Utrecht’s Black Metal Scene Exposes Its Progressive Character

With a DIY mentality and a diverse and robust musical output, the Dutch city's black meal scene is steadily growing in stature, and rightly so.
Luís Peña Pires
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Looks Like Someone Lost a Giant Noah's Ark

The massive floating Bible museum wreaked havoc on a small fishing port in the Netherlands.
Drew Schwartz
VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

White House to flesh out transgender military ban, at least 16 killed as Typhoon Hato hits China, wanted white supremacist turns himself in, and more.
VICE Staff

Dutch police foil concert terror attack after tip-off from Spanish police

David Gilbert
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Hey Nerds, Here’s Six-and-a-Half Hours of Radiohead Shows to Watch

Full sets from recent shows in the Netherlands, Italy, and Poland were uploaded to at the start of the weekend.
Alex Robert Ross
Safe Sesh

The YouTubers Who Take MDMA, DMT and GHB in Their Videos

Drugslab is a Dutch initiative we could learn some valuable lessons from.
James Nolan

To Save the World, We Must Sue the Baby Boomers

Dutch children might be able to sue their parents for bringing them into this godawful world. Where can I sign up?
Drew Brown
Canada 150

Giant $71,000 rubber duck to celebrate Canada’s 150 called counterfeit

An Amsterdam-based studio says that the duck purchased as a part of the Canada 150 is actually a forged version of the original public art installment
Rhiannon Johnson
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hawaii judge blocks Trump's travel ban, far-right leader defeated in Dutch election, White House budget cuts would hit EPA especially hard, and more.
VICE Staff
baseballs to the balls

Fan Gets Hit in Balls on Home Run Ball

A fan almost had a chance to catch a home run ball during Netherlands-Cuba in the WBC. He got hit in the dick instead.
Patrick Sauer