• 11.10.14

      English Neo-Nazis Marched Through London on Remembrance Sunday

      Every year, the fascists of the National Front (NF) hold a march on the day that those who fought and died to defeat Hitler are remembered. This year, the NF split into two factions and organized two separate, but equally offensive, parades.

    • 10.3.14

      The Rise and Fall of Britain's Most Famous Racist Politician

      Nick Griffin's expulsion on Tuesday drew the veil over an era in British far-right politics where it both tipped towards respectability and lurched from calamity to disaster like a drunk clown at a six-year-old’s birthday party.

    • 9.15.14

      Fascists Fought Each Other in England on Saturday

      An English Defence League protest that was meant to draw attention to a local child abuse scandal degenerated, to no one's great surprise, into an sectarian brawl between groups of racists.