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At Least 'Madden' Refs Got the Saints-Rams Pass Interference Call Right

One simulation even turned the pass interference sensitivity all the way down, and the ref *still* called it on New Orleans. Yikes.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Philadelphia Plunges into Madness as Eagles Make Super Bowl

No poles were climbed, but that did not stop the good people of Philadelphia from going bonkers.
Sean Newell

Let Us Never Speak of These NFL Playoffs Again: Dumb Football, Conference Championship Edition

After another boring run of playoff games (with one notable exception), we finally have our Super Bowl LI teams: it's the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.
Mike Tunison
Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons Could Do Anything, and The Packers Couldn't Do Anything Right

Seemingly everything that could go wrong for the Packers did, and the Falcons made them pay for it.
Robert O'Connell

The Falcons Ran the Packers All the Way Off the Table

The Falcons just as surely re-established themselves as Super Bowl favorites.
Ty Schalter

Julio Jones With the Bad Foot is Destroying the Packers

This is the kind of shit he's doing to the Packers, despite the malady.
Liam Daniel Pierce
NFL playoffs

Kyle Shanahan's Booming Offense Gives Falcons Keys to the NFC Title

The only way to beat the Packers is to overwhelm them with points. Thanks to OC Kyle Shanahan, Matt Ryan and the Falcons have the game plan to do that.
Rivers McCown
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Steph Curry Wears Lucky Panthers Jersey, Drains Infinite 3's

Well, "infinite" if you play it on loop.
Liam Daniel Pierce