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Sean Spicer Also Sucks at Sports Metaphors

"You play a game four quarters, you play an election until Election Day."


Gareon Conley Admits Receiving Oral Sex From Accuser

The Oakland Raiders cornerback remains under investigation, but his story seems to have changed.


Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter Account is Insanely Good

Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter account is a delight.


Gareon Conley Took a Lie-Detector Test After Rape Accusations Surfaced

"It's off the charts, honestly," Conley said. "Just to know that they have faith in me."


Mystery Team Also Named The Browns Emerges as Frontrunner for Myles Garrett

How can there be two teams named the Cleveland Browns??


"Shit Just Got Real": Marshawn Lynch Announces Impending NFL Return As Only He Can

Marshawn Lynch announced on Twitter that he is returning to the NFL, to play for his hometown Raiders, and it is glorious.


Report: Tom Brady Using Upwards of $2.75m of Another Charity's Money to Fuel His Own

This constitutes the majority of Brady's charity funding by a large margin—an estimated 80 percent of raised from 2005 to 2015


Cowboys' Anthony Brown Gets Potato Chip Tattooed On His Shoulder In One Interpretation of the Expression

Anthony Brown's got mad promise—even if he doesn't really know wood from Ruffles.


Joe Mixon Settles Civil Suit with Woman He Punched

Joe Mixon and Amelia Molitor released a joint statement saying they've settled their civil suit.


Aaron Hernandez's Family Wants Brain Donated to Science, Claims Medical Examiner Is "Illegally Retaining Possession"

It appears the Hernandez family and the Boston medical examiner's office are going to publicly fight over Aaron Hernandez's brain.


Gronk Interrupts Sean Spicer Presser asks "Do You Need Some Help?"

America's mascot asks america's laughing stock if he needs any help, everybody laughs, ha ha ha.