The NHL Is Getting Another Franchise

Sorry Quebec City, it’s not you.
Josh Visser
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We Don't Trust Gritty

Something sinister is lurking inside the humanoid spaghetti squash.
River Donaghey

This NHL Player Might Be the First to Take a Knee

San Jose Sharks forward Joel Ward has hinted he may join Colin Kaepernick’s protest in an upcoming game.
Mack Lamoureux
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Sidney Crosby Should Have Done Better

The superstar had a chance to speak up for black people who play and love hockey. Instead, he chose to side with Donald Trump.
El Jones
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Predators Fans Keep Tossing Dead Ducks onto the Ice in Nashville

It's like Detroit's octopus-tossing tradition, but with ducks.
Kyle Cantlon
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How Detroit's Octopus-Tossing Tradition Started

It dates back to 1952 when local fish market owner Pete Cusimano chucked the first octopus at the Red Wings' former home, Olympia Stadium. The unique custom carried on to Joe Louis Arena, and is still going strong today.
Mike Commito
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Connor Brown Has Been the Leafs' Quiet Hero

In any other season, Connor Brown's rookie campaign would have been the talk of the town.
VICE Staff
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The Art of the Hockey Fight

Hockey fights look nothing like sanctioned bouts, but is there some common ground between the goon and the warrior.
Sarah Kurchak
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Mayhem in Philly: An Oral History of the Epic Senators-Flyers Brawl

We spoke to seven players involved in the infamous 2004 Senators-Flyers fight that set an NHL record for most penalty minutes in a single game.
Mike Commito
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The Changing Face of the Mysterious KHL

The Kontinental Hockey League is making efforts to engage foreigners and shape its image in a congenial way, which will enhance its reputation among fans who know it only through a Western media filter.
Elliot McCormick
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Evgeni Malkin's Top 100 Snub Is a Damn Travesty

The omission of Malkin on the NHL's greatest 100 players list calls into question the legitimacy of the panel and the NHL. Thornton, Lundqvist, and Iginla were also passed over for inferior players.
Dave Lozo
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Deadmau5 Brings Hockey Into the 21st Century with New Toronto Maple Leafs Anthem

We can only hope Chromeo are working on their own track for the Montreal Canadians.
Max Mertens