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We Talk Trump and Virtual Reality in the First Episode of VICE Gaming’s New Podcast Right Now

Join Austin Walker and Patrick Klepek on Mondays and Fridays to break down the latest week in games.
Patrick Klepek

​The First Virtual Reality Feature Film Invites You to Join the Russian Mafia

<i>Career Opportunities in Organized Crime</i> is a mockumentary that follows the filming of a recruitment video for Baltimore's local Russian mafia. Shot using six GoPros, it's the world's first VR feature film.
Seth Ferranti

'ADR1FT' Throws You into the Isolating Experience of Being Lost in Space

The new VR game casts you as the lone survivor of a catastrophic space station accident.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

What Can Virtual Reality Gaming Learn from the Death of Kinect?

Microsoft's downfallen motion-sensitive device and Oculus Rift have more in common than you may think.
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell
VICE vs Video games

VICE Goes to Gamescom 2015, Part Three: The Virtual Reality Games

From dog fighting in space to secretive underground bunkers, these are the VR worlds I stuck my face into.
Mike Diver
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The Virtual Reality Arcade at Sheffield’s Doc/Fest Made My Head Spin

I'll never look at playground swings the same way again.
Jonathan Beach

Watch the Ten Best VICE Documentaries About Sex

We've put together a handy list of our favorite sex-related videos for your viewing pleasure.
VICE Staff

How Shitty is Motion Controlled DJ Equipment?

A closer look at the latest motion tech advancements in mixing and production.
Parker Buckley
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Experiencing ‘Deep,’ the Virtual Reality Game That Relieves Anxiety Attacks

Owen Harris's game is so effective at calming stress it has made grown men cry.
Joe Donnelly
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Nintendo’s Wiimote Has Unfinished Business

The motion control mechanics of the Wii were rarely used well—but the setup should be one that we look to again as gaming embraces virtual reality.
Sean Thomas
King Deluxe

How King Deluxe is Connecting Art with Science

The Canadian electronic music label that knows no bounds.
Hollie McGowan
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Is Virtual Reality Really the Future of Video Games?

The world wasn't ready for VR in the 1990s, but is today's market likely to be more accepting of household headsets?
Andy Kelly