Sarah Thomas to Become First Woman to Ref an NFL Playoff Game

Sarah Thomas has a lot of firsts in football, and she's not done yet.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Bad NFL Refereeing Should Mean More Replay, Not Less

Officiating was a rough scene in the NFL's wild card weekend, but that doesn't mean we should scrap video replay.
Dave Lozo
nhl playoffs

Refs, DOPS, and Ops Are Botching the NHL Playoffs

Obvious penalties are going unpunished, Ryan Getzlaf basically got away with a homophobic slur—the league is falling asleep on the job.
Dave Lozo
referees: not necessarily such wankers after all

Why Don’t More Footballers Become Referees After Retirement?

While there are a whole host of former pros lining up to criticise refereeing standards on radio and television, very few decide to pick up the whistle themselves.
Will Magee

The NFL Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Americans aren't watching football this season like they used to, but it's not the game's fault. It's everything around the football being played—the rules, the refereeing, the broadcasts—that is hurting the NFL.
Ty Schalter
dumb football

Dumb Football With Mike Tunison, Divisional Playoffs Edition

The Panthers don't blow it, Andy Reid keeps it extremely Andy Reid, Larry Fitzgerald is fantastic, and the need for more advanced coin-flip technology.
Mike Tunison
dumb football

Dumb Football With Mike Tunison, Week 10

Another week in which the NFL reveals the many hilarious ways in which it is broken and ungovernable, while also introducing America to the latest dance crazes.
Mike Tunison
college football

Miami's Crazy Win Against Duke Shows How College Football Is Broken, and Wonderfully So

The sheer, dunderheaded, unjust wrongness of Miami's last-play win over Duke contained everything that makes college football so delightfully right.
Michael Weinreb

Miami's Crazy Win Against Duke Shows How College Football Officiating Is Broken

Part-time officials working under an absurdly strict replay system will only produce more botched outcomes like Duke-Miami.
Kevin Trahan
dumb football

Dumb Football with Mike Tunison, Week 3

A professional football team accidentally set their own field on fire, and that just about sums up Week 3 in the NFL.
Mike Tunison