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2015 Was Korean Rap's Breakthrough Year

If 2014 was the year the underground Korean rap scene captured mainstream attention, 2015 was the year it grew so big that even the Pacific Ocean couldn’t contain it.
Madeleine Lee

Watch CL's Insane Video for New Solo Song "Hello Bitches"

CL is a symbol of the global pop golden age to come. We talk to the Seoul-born superstar about her upcoming solo LP. Hello bitches indeed.
Jakob Dorof
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We Asked a Doctor If 56 Xanax in One Month Is Really That Crazy

Apparently taking Xanax has the same effect as just getting really, really drunk.
Slava Pastuk
Important Questions Raised By...

What the Hell Is Going on in CL, Diplo, Riff Raff & OG Maco's "Doctor Pepper" Video?

Dinosaurs, ghosts, glitter bombs, and Pikachu!?
Craig Jenkins

How Should We Measure Rap Success in 2015?

For some people, album sales continue to be the sole metric for tracking success. Here are some other alternatives.
David Turner

We Interviewed the Guy Who Owns OGMaco.com

"We didn’t hack anything or have anything to do with #FutureHive stuff. I don’t even know what the fuck that is."
Slava Pastuk

This New Spillage Village EP Is About to Trigger a Worldwide Weed Shortage

The inventive collective made up of EarthGang, Jordxn Bryant, Hollywood JB, and J.I.D. share 'Bears Like This Too,' with contributions from OG Maco, Childish Major, Archibald Slim, 6lack, and other extremely cool pals.
Kyle Kramer

Stream 'Salewds' a Mixtape Featuring New Songs with Bun B, Childish Gambino, Rick Ross, and Others

The clothing brand Crooks and Castles presents a mixtape of awesome unreleased tracks in remembrance of their late friend and former marketing director Christopher “Lewds” Natalio.
Kyle Kramer
Holy Shit

Pop Off with CL, Diplo, Riff Raff, and OG Maco in "Doctor Pepper"

23 flavors of dopeness.
John Hill
Holy Shit

OG Maco Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Listen to His New 'Tax Free' EP

Stream his new four-song EP with producer Pablo Dylan.
Noisey Staff
SXSW 2015

Rappers Are Dressing Like 80s Rock Stars and It's Awesome

Rappers have essentially become the new rock stars, a sentiment that has trickled down into pushing the boundaries of hip-hop’s style.
Tara Mahadevan
SXSW 2015

The Craziest Rap Show at SXSW Was a Korean Import

SXSW is essentially the Turn Uplympics, and Keith Ape won the gold medal.
Kyle Kramer