Oil Spill

Standing Rock

Why the fight for Standing Rock isn't over

After months of protests, activists near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation are celebrating a victory: The federal government said it won’t allow the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under the disputed portion of the Missouri River.
Emma Fidel
Kathleen Caulderwood

After 33 Days Under Water, This Leaking Tug Boat Is Finally Coming Out

Pretty much everyone, including PMJT, thinks the cleanup effort has been "unacceptable," but the Heiltsuk First Nation has fought for and won some interesting new oversight powers.
Sarah Berman

What Trudeau’s Ocean Protection Plan Means for This Controversial BC Pipeline

Trudeau's plan woos BC premier, who put conditions on TransMountain pipeline.
Hilary Beaumont

The VICE Morning Bulletin

North Carolina declares a state of emergency after the second night of protests, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan pledge to cure all diseases by 2100, the cast of 'The West Wing' will campaign for Clinton in Ohio, and more.
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A Saskatchewan River Oil Spill Is About to Cut off Another Town’s Main Water Supply

A Husky Energy pipeline dumped an estimated 200,000 litres of crude into North Saskatchewan River. Efforts to contain it aren't going so well.
Sarah Berman
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A Massive Cargo Ship Accident Was Caused by Rum

A Russian sailor was fired after it was discovered he drank half a liter of booze before driving a 7,000-ton ship into the Scottish coast.
VICE Staff

Local Governments Say Feds' Response to Vancouver Fuel Spill Was Too Slow

Politicians blamed each other for delayed spill response last week, as many popular Vancouver beaches remain closed.
Sarah Berman

A Toxic Fuel Spill Hits Popular Vancouver Beach, Kids and Dogs Play in Water as Warnings Aren’t Heard

Despite warnings, there were a number of children and dogs playing in the affected water. When asked why, the general response was they were unaware of the situation.
Negar Mojtahedi

Watch Our HBO Report on the Lasting Effects of the BP Oil Spill

VICE co-founder Shane Smith heads down to Louisiana to see what sort of damage the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill is still doing to the Gulf of Mexico.
VICE Staff

Meet the Lawyer Chevron Tried to Destroy

Steven Donziger has fought for a decade to take Chevron for $10 billion, and all he has are extortion charges to show for it.
Justin Ling

Reporting From the First Nations Resistance Camp That's Evicting Mining Companies Around Mount Polley

After a man-made lake full of mining waste spilled in British Columbia in early August, locals have been up in arms about the residual damage caused. We visited an active First Nations mining resistance camp that sits eight kilometres away from the...
Sarah Berman

Oil Has Been Spilling Near Cold Lake, Alberta for Almost Nine Months and No One Knows Why

Eight months and nearly two million litres of spilled bitumen later, Canadian energy company CNRL hasn’t figured out how to stop four mysterious leaks in northeastern Alberta.
Sarah Berman