oil spills

Keystone XL

The Keystone Pipeline oil spill was nearly twice as big as TransCanada said

Over 400,000 gallons according to a federal investigation of the spill in South Dakota farmland.
Sarah Sax

Still No Charges for the Company Behind Canada’s Largest Mining Spill

Canada has one of the worst records on the planet for making polluters like Imperial Metals pay.
Carol Linnitt

Black Goo, the Environment, And the End of the World

Douglas Coupland looks to the past to find an answer for the impending environmental apocalypse of the extreme present.
Douglas Coupland

30,000 Ecuadorians Want Canada to take $10 Billion from Chevron to Clean Up the Amazon

A 20-year fight to make one of the world's largest companies pay to fix the mess it made has come to Canada. And things are about to get messier.
Justin Ling

The Canadian Government Wants You to Believe They Have Oil Spills Under Control

The feds have commissioned a new booklet to help ease concerns about oil spills and environmental apocalypses.
Justin Ling

First Nations Are Blockading an Imperial Metals Mine, and the RCMP May Intervene

First Nations opposition to Mount Polley’s soon-to-be-opened sister mine is heating up in northern British Columbia. As Imperial Metals applies for a court order to remove protesters, activists are gearing up for a possible clash with RCMP.
Sarah Berman

The Mount Polley Tailings Pond Disaster Has Sparked a First Nation Blockade

The collapse of a man-made lake full of mining waste in BC last week sparked outrage among environmentalists the world over. Now a First Nations group in a town 12 hours north has established a blockade at a separate mining development owned by the...
Sarah Berman