Exclusive: Two top Trump officials are ex-lobbyists for a billionaire with deep ties to Russian oligarchs

Both men registered as lobbyists for Access Industries, a holding company controlled by billionaire Leonard Blavatnik.


Trump just hit Russian oligarchs with the most aggressive sanctions yet

The mega-wealthy oligarchs are seen as close to the Kremlin but not actually members of President Vladimir Putin’s government.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

America names and shames some Russians but holds off on new sanctions, Republicans vote to release memo critical of FBI, North Korea scraps pre-Olympics event with the South, and more.


Resisting Eviction with London’s Anti-Capitalist Squatters

Bailiffs kicked anarchists and homeless people out of a £15 million oligarch's mansion this morning.


Among the Rich People, Celebrities, and Super-Yachts at the London Boat Show

Scenes from an event so posh that the dude who played the Earl of Grantham on "Downton Abbey" was posing for pictures by wrapping himself in a British flag.


Is Twitter Superhero Cory Booker in Silicon Valley’s Pocket?

You may know Cory Booker as the impossibly charismatic mayor of Newark, New Jersey, or as one of the most Twitter-savvy politicians around, but he's also got very close ties to tech billionaires who have given him money and even a company of his own.


Portrait of a Russian Oligarch

After the collapse of Communism in Russia, as state assets were divvied up and privatized, a few individuals stepped in to take the reins of this entrepreneurial experiment. Rewarded with massive fortunes and fame, they came to be known as "the...


A Big Night Out with... Moscow's Young Elite!

Partying with the richest and most beautiful people on Earth (and Jared Leto's brother).