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Ex-Guantanamo Bay inmate sues Canada for $50 million

Lawsuit by former Montreal resident is the latest court battle to hit Canadian officials over intelligence sharing with the U.S.


Canada pays $31 million to three Canadians tortured in Syrian prison

Trudeau government apologized earlier this year for Canada’s role in mistreatment of a trucker, engineer and geologist in Syria and Egypt


Andrew Scheer is going to make the fall all about Omar Khadr

Kady O'Malley breaks down what's on the agenda when Parliamentarians return from their Summer break. For the Conservatives, it's going to be all about the former Guantanamo detainee.


We Fact-checked Michelle Rempel’s Fox News Interview About Omar Khadr

Rempel conveniently omitted and skewed many facts regarding Khadr’s $10-million payout. But she wasn’t entirely wrong either.


Trudeau’s $10-Million Payout to Khadr Saved Money, But Cost the Liberals Big Time

The payout to the child soldier might have been the ethically right move, but it was a huge political misfire.


Canada formally apologizes to Omar Khadr for abuses he endured at Guantanamo Bay

Khadr and his lawyers also reportedly received a $10.5 million settlement


Omar Khadr to be offered apology, at least $10 million from Canada

The compensation is reportedly for the abuses he suffered during his detention by the U.S. in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.


Omar Khadr Tells His Side of the Story in New Documentary

Guantanamo's Child tries to answer the question of who Omar Khadr—a convicted terrorist or an abused child soldier—really is.


Nearly Half of Canadians Are Fine With Omar Khadr’s Bail, But Not Many Like Him: Poll

While nearly 40 percent of Canadians see Khadr as a child soldier, about one in four still consider him a terrorist.


Supreme Court Rejects Harper Government's Argument That Omar Khadr Was an Adult When He Was Child Soldier

The question before the court was whether Khadr's eight-year sentence handed to him by the US military in 2010 was an adult sentence or a youth sentence.


Elizabeth May Gave the World’s Most Awkward Speech, Talking Anal, Trudeau’s Hair, and Omar Khadr

Hot tip: do not play the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song to make a point about Omar Khadr


Omar Khadr’s First Words as a Free Man

After 13 years in custody, Khadr spoke to the media shortly after being released on bail.