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Here’s Proof That Canada’s Richest One Percent Are Leaving Everyone Behind

A Dalhousie economist researched why fewer Canadians consider themselves “middle class.”
Sarah Berman
dinner parties

I Dined With an Arms Dealer At the World’s Wildest Dinner Party

Dining Impossible is a three-day gourmet extravaganza at the world’s best restaurants.
Lars Bjerregaad

Golf Caddies Share Their Stories of Rich People Being Nightmarish Jerks

Stories of randy golfers, drunken parties, and general debauchery from some of America's finest private golf courses.
Alex Norcia
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Smart, Rich People Have Started Voting for Trump

People with a few degrees and six-figure salaries have started to consider the orange menace a viable option for president.
Helen Donahue
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Did Bernie Sanders Basically Predict the Panama Papers in 2011?

Fans might argue he knew what was coming, and that no one listened.
Helen Donahue

Among the Rich People, Celebrities, and Super-Yachts at the London Boat Show

Scenes from an event so posh that the dude who played the Earl of Grantham on "Downton Abbey" was posing for pictures by wrapping himself in a British flag.
Simon Childs

Photos of Rich People Getting Wasted at a Polo Match

LA's Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic offered a glimpse into the End of Days—and there will be lots of champagne.
Michelle Groskopf

The Man Who Builds Luxury Bomb Shelters for Paranoid One Percenters

Robert Vicino believes the rich don't live on the same scale as ordinary people in today's society—so why should that change after the end of the world? For a mere $35,000, his company will make their apocalypse experiences truly swanky.
Lynn Parramore

What It's Like to Be an Interior Designer for Really, Really Rich People

An interior designer, who works with A-list clients who spend upwards of $50,000 a room, explains the sociopathy and delusional thinking that comes with disposable incomes.
Zach Sokol
Post Mortem

Death Styles of the Rich and Famous: Stories From an Upper East Side Funeral Home

The author of a new memoir tells us what it was like to work at the place that gave John Lennon, Jackie Onassis, and Philip Seymour Hoffman their final sendoffs.
Simon Davis

What It's Like to Be a Tutor for the Mega-Rich

One of Britain's most in-demand super tutors preps kids for exams on private jets and yachts and charges up to $1,500 an hour for his services.
Maya Oppenheim

Join the One Percent with This Handy Guide

Isn't capitalism great? It sure is when you are on the top, pissing on everyone below you.
Tannara Yelland