Ontario Provincial Police


Police Watchdog Slams Ontario Cops For Too Many 'Unjustified' Strip Searches

A new report finds that police in Ontario conduct more than 22,000 strip searches every year, mostly by the Toronto Police Service.


Cartel Was Smuggling Meth Into Canada in Ford Cars Built in Mexico, Police Say

Police seized 180kg of meth, valued at about $4-million, found in new vehicles shipped into Canada from a Mexican Ford factory.


Ontario Police Say They’ve Busted a Human Trafficking Operation

Police say 43 people were transported from Mexico to Canada and forced to work as “modern day slaves” cleaning hotels.


Doug Ford's pal postpones swearing in as Ontario police chief, goes back to old job

Toronto police superintendent Ron Taverner's appointment to head the OPP has been beset by controversy.


Mayor of Thunder Bay charged with extorting lawyer accused of sexual assault

The charges come months after the chief of police was charged with breach of trust over leaking information about the mayor


Two police officers charged with the death of an Indigenous woman

Chrisjohn died while in custody, although a cause of death has yet to be released


Ontario police will review 4,000 sexual assault reports they had deemed "unfounded"

The moves comes following a Globe and Mail investigation into how police in Canada handle sexual assault allegations and why one in five claims are considered “baseless.”


Leaked Email Shows Kathleen Wynne Downplaying 'Systemic Racism' Comments to Cops

Wynne said her remarks refer to child welfare, graduation rates and incarceration, not policing.


The Premier of Ontario May Have Tried to Buy Off One of Her Candidates

Kathleen Wynne is implicated in a plot to give a cushy government job to a would-be candidate in order to get him out of the way.


A Land Dispute Led to Barricades Being Torn Down by First Nations in Ipperwash

Beachfront property owners have responded to a First Nations land claim by constructing makeshift barricades on the contested land.