kevin durant

Kevin Durant Might Have a Fake Twitter Account for the Haters

A Twitter user asked Durant why he left OKC and he got real blunt and maybe a little too third-persony.
Sean Newell

Guy Smokes Wife in the Face with Baseball During Dreaded Gender Reveal

These are officially a thing now, and people can't stop fucking them up.
Sean Newell

Soccer Player Who Thanked His Wife and His Girlfriend Now Says He Calls His Daughter His Girlfriend

Mohammed Anas thanked both his wife and his girlfriend after being named Man of the Match. He then came up with a pretty interesting excuse.
Patrick Sauer

Lawsuit over Odor-Bautista Punch Has Unintended Consequence

The photog sued a company for copyright infringement, but the photo is included in the suit, which is publicly available.
Sean Newell

After Saying City Had No Value for ACC, Jim Boeheim and Syracuse Will Play UNC Greensboro in NIT

For Boeheim and his Syracuse squad, maybe there is some value to Greensboro after all?
Dave Brown

Crystal Palace Fans Vandalized Own Team's Bus

Fans apparently thought they were targeting Middlesbrough's bus, but tagged their own bus with "Crystal Palace FC" graffiti.
Dave Brown
own goals

Defender Hugs Keeper After Penalty Kick Save, For the Best Own Goal Ever

This is an all-time own goal.
Mike Vorkunov
Champions League

Nobody Wanted to Go to Your Stupid Group Stage Anyway, Champions League

UEFA had a small, but meaningful typo in a tweet about the soon-to-be-announced Champions League group stage draw.
Sean Newell
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Saskatchewan River Oil Spill Is About to Cut off Another Town’s Main Water Supply

A Husky Energy pipeline dumped an estimated 200,000 litres of crude into North Saskatchewan River. Efforts to contain it aren't going so well.
Sarah Berman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Microsoft Is Sorry for Trying to Get Its 'Bae Interns' Wasted

The software giant had to apologize after sending out a beyond embarrassing email inviting its interns to "get lit" with "hella noms" and "lots of dranks."
VICE Staff

New Washington Stadium Renderings Show RGIII Fan Basking in Glorious Sunlight

RGIII will always be Washington's quarterback now.
Sean Newell
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Tommy Lee Get Stuck Upside Down in His Flying Drum Coaster at Mötley Crüe's Last-Ever Show

A running tour stunt stunt descends from glam metal extravagance to comedy.
Craig Jenkins