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Thousands of fentanyl doses have been lost or stolen from Canadian hospitals

VICE News has learned that there have been over 500 reports of losses or thefts of the high-power opiate in the last six years.
Rachel Browne
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

We Asked Experts How to Solve Canada’s Opioid Crisis

We spoke to everyone from a dark web expert to addiction doctors to find out how we can start fixing the worst drug safety crisis in Canadian history.
Allison Tierney
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

The First Fentanyl Addict

Opioids continue to be the drugs most often abused by anesthesiologists, but because of stigma, it's nearly impossible to track how many doctors are addicted today.
Rumana D’Souza
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

Who Exactly Is Being Helped by Horrifying Images of the Opioid Crisis?

A new video shows a father telling his 8-year-old son that his mother died from an overdose. The response has been concerning.
Allison Tierney

Photos of the Synthetic Drug Epidemic That's Ravaged Gaza

For years now, Gaza has been rocked by the proliferation of a synthetic opiate called Tramadol. We sent a photographer to document sales, police confiscations, and the human suffering that pushes people into opiate use.
Antonio Faccilongo

Everything We Know About Counterfeit Fentanyl Pills, Which May Have Killed Prince

Bootleg fentanyl from China has flooded the illicit opioid market in both the US and Canada.
VICE Staff

What It’s Like to Take Opioids for Pain

"First physical pain recedes, and then emotional pain. I was depressed, and now I am not." An excerpt from Carlyn Zwarenstein's <i>Opium Eater: The New Confessions.</i>
Carlyn Zwarenstein
Ain't No Grave

The Hard Times, Struggles, and Hopes of Addicts in Appalachia

Poverty and opiate addiction have devastated small towns in West Virginia. What can be done to help people take back their lives?
Juliet Escoria
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Prince Allegedly OD'd on Percocet the Week Before His Death

TMZ reports that the pop star's emergency jet landing last week might have been due to a Percocet overdose.
VICE Staff
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7,665 Days: This Is What It's Like to See Tool Live Again After 21 Years in Prison

Tool's music stuck with me, even though I was hardly able to listen to it for decades.
Seth Ferranti

A New Poll Shows Which States Take the Most Mood-Altering Drugs

Apparently, West Virginia uses the most mood-altering drugs, and Alaska uses the least.
Mike Pearl