Don Cherry’s Dangerous Legacy

The Canadian icon/relic talks all the time about the kids. But what is his actual legacy on young hockey fans over the last few decades?


The UK Insists: If You Give Birth You're a Mother, Even If You're a Man

After Freddy McConnell, a trans man, gave birth, the U.K. government insisted that even though he is legally a man, he must be listed as the child's mother. Do we need to explain why that's dumb?


The Ironic Inversion of Justin Trudeau's Progressive Brand Is Complete

The prime minister promised he was a different kind of rich, white politician.


Stop Asking People of Colour to Get Arrested to Protest Climate Change

Extinction Rebellion is overwhelmingly shaped by the concerns, priorities, and ideas of middle-class white people. If it doesn't tackle white supremacy, it doesn't serve us.


Biden Had Said He Worked the Coal Mines, Was Shot at in Iraq, and Marched in the Civil Rights Movement. He Has Not Done Those Things

He was recently caught embellishing a story about a visit to Afghanistan, but it was far from the first time he had stretched the truth.


Democrats Say They Want a Climate Debate. So Which Ones Killed It?

The leading 2020 candidates supposedly wanted a debate devoted to climate—but the Democratic National Committee shot down that idea. We should know who is responsible.


Silicon Valley's Apology Tour Serves the Rich and Powerful

Big tech executives get another moment in the spotlight when they join the Oopsie Circuit.


Politicians Sure Like to Suck at the Teat of Big Dairy

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is just the latest to fall under milk’s mighty spell.


Justin Trudeau’s Half-Assed Response to Trump’s Racist Tweets Isn’t Good Enough

Canadians of colour deserve more than empty platitudes from our leaders.


Why a Tweet About 'Uneducated' Voters Angered So Many People

An Ottawa law professor described Conservatives as the “party of the uneducated" reinforcing the longstanding narrative as the Liberals being the party for elites.


This Kind of Presidential Debate Is Literally How We Got Trump

Yes, 2020 will be even worse than 2016.


Opinion: The Planet Was the Big Loser at the Democratic Debates

Somehow, after two nights and 20 candidates, climate change barely came up.