Oral History


An Oral History of Thrush Hermit’s ‘Clayton Park’

Rob Benvie, Cliff Gibb, Ian McGettigan, Joel Plaskett and many others on the album that should have turned the band into The Strokes.
Cam Lindsay

An Oral History of Toronto’s Comedy Bar

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the Toronto comedy institution. We spoke to the people about its troubled opening, Kevin Sorbo and about that infamous Louis C.K. appearance.
Sharilyn Johnson
book excerpt

Stormzy Details His Big Break in this Exclusive Book Excerpt

We've got a chapter extract from 'Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far,' the 25-year-old rapper's first release on his new book imprint.
Noisey UK Staff

The IDM List Gave Intelligent Dance Music Its Name and Geeky Legacy

Musicians and fans look back on the niche online hub they cultivated 25 years ago, and how it framed dance music that wasn't really for dancefloors.
Sam Davies

Jean-Claude Van Damme Was 'Coked Out of His Mind' During 'Street Fighter,' Director Says

Director Steven de Souza described filming the 90s action flick as a total shit show.
Drew Schwartz

An Oral History of 'Jackass: The Movie'

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the most legendary stunt film of all time, we spoke to everyone involved.
Marianne Eloise
Fandom Week

An Oral History of Despair Faction, AFI's Tight-Knit Fan Forum

Key message board members look back on how the now-defunct site created marriages, friendships and, um, lifetime MTV event bans.
Aideen O'Flaherty

An Oral History of 'River's Edge,' 1987's Most Polarizing Teen Film

From Keanu's first big role to Crispin Glover's weirdest wigs, a look back at the making of the indie thriller.
Matt Gilligan
Noisey News

Third Eye Blind’s Ex-Guitarist Says Liam Gallagher Once ‘Threatened to Stab Him’

Hey, it was the 90s!
Lauren O'Neill

Mayhem in Philly: An Oral History of the Epic Senators-Flyers Brawl

We spoke to seven players involved in the infamous 2004 Senators-Flyers fight that set an NHL record for most penalty minutes in a single game.
Mike Commito
Please Kill Me

The Oral History of the First Two Times the Beatles Took Acid

A few months after George John were unexpectedly dosed with LSD, the whole band decided to try psychedelics properly. So they holed up in Zsa Zsa Gabor's house with Peter Fonda and David Crosby to get properly fucked.
Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Here's What Jon Stewart Had to Say About Trump's Election

The former 'Daily Show' host spoke to Charlie Rose on Thursday in his first interview after the election.
VICE Staff