Orlando Shooting

Las Vegas Shooting

Survivors tell us what should be done about mass shootings

Emma Fidel
Milena Mikael-Debass
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The FBI Has Arrested the Wife of the Pulse Orlando Shooter

Noor Salman was arrested outside of her home in San Francisco.
Alexander Iadarola

Toronto's Alternative Queer Party Scene History Lives on in This Psychedelic Collage Series

Sarah D'Angelo's project honours the legacy of the late Will Munro, legendary activist, promoter, and community builder.
Sarah D'Angelo
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Cleveland's Muslim Immigrants Are Worried About Trump

"I don't want to be banned. Where would I go?... I'll have to learn how to swim across Lake Erie and sneak into Canada."
Wilbert L. Cooper
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Pulse’s Resident DJs Open Up About Life After the Orlando Shooting

Latin Night’s DJ Infinite, DJSImon2001, and DJ Flawless talk about what the club meant to the city and its LGBTQ community.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum March in NYC Pride Parade

So maybe the NBA isn't quite caught up to MLS in its recognition of the LGBT community—particularly in the wake of the Orlando shooting—but this is an important step.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Joyful Photos of New Yorkers at the Pride Parade

The weather was gorgeous, the streets of Manhattan were packed, and people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders marched together.
Thomas McCarty

This Fake NRA Website Promises to Send Guns to Poor Neighborhoods

Share the Safety is a vicious, bleak joke, but it's the only kind of joke you can make about the debate over guns in the US.
Harry Cheadle
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These Are the Americans Who Still Oppose Closing the Terror Gap

Unsurprisingly, they share characteristics with those opposing universal background checks.
Brian Freskos & Olivia Li
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A Man Claims He Was Omar Mateen's Lover and the Orlando Shooting Was 'Revenge'

The man—who allegedly met Omar Mateen on Grindr—said Mateen carried out the attack after learning that a Puerto Rican man he slept with was HIV positive.
VICE Staff
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Thom Yorke, Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, and Dozens More Musicians Plead for Gun Control

Dozens of musicians sign an open letter published in Billboard: "Stop Gun Violence Now."
John Hill
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Why Gay Republicans Love Trump

Donald Trump has shown more willingness to reach out to the gay community than most Republicans, but LGBTQ people who support the candidate say they're often mocked and ostracized for their political beliefs.
Allie Conti