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Ari Shaffir Is Tearing Down God in His New Stand-Up Hour

We spoke to comedian Ari Shaffir about exploring religion and identity in a time of political correctness.
Nick Rose
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Why Orthodox Jews Aren't Feeling the Bern

Orthodox Jews from across the political spectrum have turned against the Brooklyn-born Democrat over his position on Israel.
Kevin Ellerton

STIs, Shame, and the Sabbath: Orthodox Jews Reflect on How They Learned About Sex

Modern Orthodox children aren't as sheltered from secular life the way some more strict Jewish denominations are, but talking about sex is still taboo, and can leave some kids confused—I know I was.
Jackson Krule

Who Is Watching All the Porn Marketed to Orthodox Jews?

"Frum porn" features supposedly Orthodox women in ankle-length skirts and head scarves having sex. But are ultra-religious Jews actually watching it?
Arielle Pardes

English Nazis Will Hold an Anti-Semitic Rally in London Tomorrow

Is it time for London's Jewish community to remember its anti-fascist history?
Peter Jacobs and Jimmy Acaso

Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Zionist Jews Held an Israeli-Flag-Burning Protest in London Yesterday

Mainstream Jews are worried that the protest against Israel might stoke anti-Semitism.
Graham Lanktree

Israel Imprisoned an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Teenager Who Refused to Join the Military

Uriel Ferera, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish teenager, could have refused to serve in the Israeli military for religious reasons. Instead he chose to take the route that lands you in prison.
Amos Brison

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Refusing to Join the Israeli Army

Hundreds of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews crowded into the center of Jerusalem on Sunday to protest against mandatory armed service. As things stand, they are exempt from being drafted into the military so that they can pray a whole bunch, but a...
Daniel Tepper
The Grievous Sins Issue

One Young Druze vs. the Entire Israeli Military

Every able-bodied Israeli has to serve in the military when they turn 18. Exceptions are made for Arab citizens and ultra–Orthodox Jews, but not for the country’s 125,000 Druze, an Arabic-speaking ethnic and religious minority that is primarily based...
Amira Asad