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This Bootleg Netflix Drake Documentary Is The Purest Form of Agony

'Drake: Rewriting the Rules' is a new entry in a line of garbage, basic documentaries about Drake without Drake.
Noisey Staff

How Alice Glass and DVSN Continue to Evolve in the Face of Nostalgia

Red Bull Music Festival’s first stop in Toronto put a spotlight on the constant evolution of the R&B and electroclash artists' creative process.
Corinne Przybyslawski
New music

Pilla B Threatens A Good Time And Fun Vibes on “Be About It”

The artist utilizes producer Harley Arsenault's colourful melodies with some 'Paid In Full' references for good measure.
Devin Pacholik
New music

Notifi's “Won’t Get Lonely” Is Eerie R&B To Cruise Alone To

The Scarborough, by way of Montreal, artist makes his grand, mysterious introduction.
Noisey Canada Staff
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I Asked My Dentist If I Should Get Drake’s Diamond Tooth Implant

What is activated charcoal, why is Drake using it, and does it really attract “baddies” at the club?
Devin Pacholik

Meet the Artist Turning Pianos and Your Childhood Into Pop Art

"I personally believe that Toronto's art scene now is like New York's in the '80s. If there was ever a time to be... in Toronto, it's right now."
Dean Rosen
October's Very Owned

Welcome to October's Very Owned, a Podcast About Drake

An episode about Drake. Every single day. For a month.
Noisey Staff
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Drake Has a Lil Wayne Tattoo Now, Obviously

Kind of surprised this didn't happen sooner to be honest.
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

Listen to Drake’s New Song, “Signs,” and Watch a Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

The song is good and so are the denim fedoras.
Alex Robert Ross

How FrancisGotHeat Ended Up Producing Sampha's Soulful 'More Life' Highlight "4422"

The 20-year-old Toronto producer sent Drake this beat three years ago and the rest, they say, is history.
Andrea Gambardella

Toronto's Gilla Shows Off The Streets of Galloway in New Video "Wrapped Up"

The OVO/Reps Up affiliate rapper talked to us about his new video and pulled no punches when critiquing the state of modern rap.
Jake Kivanc

A Canadian Student Is Doing a PhD on Drake

No tellin’ how this will turn out.
Jake Kivanc