Fan Fiction

Drake and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The 6 God has returned with one billion streams and one hidden son. What will our hero do next?
Action Bastard
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Is Why You Don't Make an Owl Your Ring-Bearer

At least the wedding photos turned out great.
Drew Schwartz
First Dates

A Pleasant Afternoon Being Hungover with Tim Kinsella

On a classic (fake) pub and park date, we talked about relationships, writing, trying to be a better person and his, uh, penis.
Emma Garland
Fan Fiction

Owls, Part 3: A Drake and Eminem (and Joe Budden) Story

An epic tale of what was almost the greatest and gnarliest rap beef of the modern era.
Action Bastard
Fan Fiction

Owls: A Drake Story, Part 2

Kendrick, Jay Electronica, Kanye, and Skepta give Drake a call in the latest installment of the gripping OVOpus.
Action Bastard
Fan Fiction

Owls: A Drake Story

On the day of 'Views,' the author of "The Lemons" imagines a day with the Drake brain trust.
Action Bastard
college football

A Good Kind of Crazy: Temple Football’s Improbable Season

After 25 Tough Years, Temple Football is Relevant Again
Tim Casey

Jade Tree: The Essentials, the Overlooked, and the Rightfully Forgotten

The prolific label has released their entire catalog on Bandcamp. Where should you dig in? We break it down.
Paul Blest

Owls Are Back with a New Album After a 13-Year Hiatus

Listen to a New Song from the Kinsella Brothers and Company.
Noisey Staff

Watch this Rad Owl Theremin in Action

At last, they have found a way to safely channel man's natural impulse to play the owl as a musical instrument by incorporating an artificial and totally non-violent owl into a theremin.
Noisey Staff

Heavy Dudes

Owl's first trip in his new van is going great until he stops to take a dump. A long walk into the woods later, Owl encounters some heavy dudes.
Simon Hanselmann
the it's actually quite weird issue

Lovely Owls

I think if everyone got his or her own owl to raise we would have world peace in no time.
Ellis Jones