Panda Bear


Ten Years Later, Panda Bear Explains the Accidental Genius of ‘Person Pitch'

"Every time I've done something, there's always this residue of what's going on for me that makes it in there—sometimes in ways that I don't fully realize at the time."


Animal Collective Are Making Dance Music That Isn't Dance Music

We speak with Panda Bear about connecting the dots to Baltimore House, sampling 'Golden Girls', and more.


Check Out Animal Collective's New Track, "Lying In The Grass"

No longer restricted to their 'Painting With' app.


Animal Collective Crank Up the Insanity for Their New "Floridada" Video

Directed by PFFR, and will mess up your eyeballs.


Animal Collective Reminds Us Why We Love Them on New Single, "FloriDada"

Their new album 'Painting With' will feature contributions from John Cale and Colin Stetson.


Listen to Panda Bear's New Song "No Mans Land" from His Newly Released EP 'Crosswords'

His new EP 'Crosswords' comes out November 13 on CD, now available digitally.


The Music at Coachella Was Fun and Awesome and Sweet: The Weekend in Photos

Check out pictures of Ride's reunion, Lil B, Run the Jewels, Drake, and other highlights from Coachella 2015.


Panda Bear: New Year, New Bear, and the Stark Reality That We're All Going to Die

The Animal Collective co-founder is back with his fifth record, 'Panda Bear Versus The Grim Reaper,' and he's still the perfectly weird Panda Bear we've come to love.


January's Best and Worst Albums

Chief Keef is the shit, Joey Bada$ is just shit, and Panda Bear made something that sounds like the Grateful Dead got trapped in Jim Henson's Creature Shop overnight.


Akai Introduces the MPX8: a Portable, Slimmed-Down Sample Player That Any Idiot Can Use

Music manufacturers are now catering to the fact that we have the attention span of a flea and live in houses the size of a matchbox. Thanks economy!


Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: Panda Bear

We're taking a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new album from Daft Punk. In Episode 5 we speak with Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear from Animal Collective. He recalls the first time he heard Daft Punk's music late one night...