Justin Trudeau’s First Test of Journalistic Freedoms: The RCMP vs. VICE

Our new prime minister has been unabashedly pro-journalist in his statements, but will he make legal protections for reporters a priority?


We Spoke to the Canadian Hackers Who Defaced Donald Trump’s Website

Donald Trump's website was defaced to display a thank you note for Jon Stewart's illustrious career. But what were the hackers thinking? We called them up and asked.


An E-Cigarette Vendor in New York Tried to Monetize the Charleston Massacre

Whoever registered set it up so that it would automatically redirect the user to the website for Fluid Vapor in Bohemia, New York. While Fluid Vapor doesn't appear to have any connection to white supremacy, or racism of any sort...


Toronto Police Chief Bragged About Monitoring Protesters and Anonymous Is Pissed

Even if Blair's spying strategy is legally defensible, it doesn't mean it's the type of police tactic that rings true ethically.


Are Canadian and British Spy Agencies Really Spying on People via Angry Birds?

It's either a weird spy joke or a[nother] very disturbing encroachment on smartphone users' privacy.


Behind Anonymous’s Operation to Reveal Britain’s Elite Child-Rape Syndicate

Online activists are working hard to stop the media from ignoring a possible child molestation scandal that could involve high-ranking political figures.


'CrossCountry Canada' Is Now Free to Play Online

The iconic edutainment video game is much harder than you remember it, and game programmer Jimfre Bacal says it was made that way on purpose.


Prohibition in Northern Canada

Alcohol is strictly regulated and widely prohibited in Canada's youngest territory. We went to Nunavut to explore the issue of prohibition and whether it's helping or hurting the territory's social crises. Watch the full length documentary now.


The Canadian Government Is Researching "Guided Bombs"

The Canadian military's R&D division appears to be looking into a smart, guided bomb system for aerial war.


The RCMP Just Bought Some Body-worn Cameras

The RCMP is following international policing trends and, in a pilot project, equipping some officers with cameras to record their every interaction.


Yesterday Was Rob Ford’s Last Day as Mayor, But His Story Isn’t Over

As of today Rob Ford is gone from the mayor's office, but he won't be forgotten. After all, he's still got some court dates to attend.