2018 Was the Year Veganism Lost Its Status as a Moral Signifier

This year, vegans split into the mainstreamers who buy their ready meals from Tesco, and the pious activists who refuse to change their methods.
Hannah Ewens
Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Don't Use Anti-Animal Language Vs. Trump’s Best Behaviour

We're going to take the flower by the thorns and feed two birds with one scone by taking down two crappy takes.
Angus Harrison
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

PETA's Diss Record for Doja Cat's "Mooo!" Sounds Like Pooo!

We take it the animal rights organization wasn't too fond of Doja Cat's viral "Mooo!" song.
Kristin Corry

We Asked Vegans Why So Many People Hate on Vegans

“I've seen way too many Holocaust and slavery comparisons.”
Manisha Krishnan

We Asked PETA If They’d Save the Dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic World’

We find out if PETA and vegans are any smarter than the folks in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'.
Noel Ransome
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Even That Monkey Selfie Fiasco Is Getting Turned into a Movie

Just weeks after photographer David Slater won his legal battle with PETA, Condé Nast bought the rights to his life story.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Questions for the Florida Man Who Practiced Karate on Some Innocent Swans

What belt was this guy working toward?
Drew Schwartz
Noisey News

Rae Sremmurd Loves PETA, But Their Pet Monkey Is Probably Contact High

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rae Sremmurd talks about their upcoming triple album, vegans, and wildlife.
Kristin Corry
Weird Court Cases

I'm a Human Man Being Sued By a Monkey

Photographer David Slater is locked in a weird and complicated copyright battle involving Wikipedia, PETA and a macaque named Naruto.
JS Rafaeli

A Meat Tax Is Probably a Good Idea

This past tax day, PETA rolled out an unappetizing idea: a meat tax. But when we dug into the details of their proposal, we found that it's more than just trolling.
Mike Pearl

PETA Is Disturbed By Pittsburgh's Use of Real Penguins During Stadium Series Game

PETA sent a letter to Pens president and CEO David Morehouse, condemning the team's decision to use live penguins as part of its pregame entertainment show.
Kyle Cantlon
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Michael Flynn resigns as national security advisor, Steve Mnuchin confirmed as treasury secretary, 680 undocumented immigrants arrested in ICE raids, and more.
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