White-collar crime

Martin Shkreli Is on Trial for the Wrong Thing

While the feds try to convict Pharma Bro for lying to fellow millionaires, it's still perfectly legal to jack up the prices of lifesaving drugs.
Allie Conti

Meet the Pharmaceutical Hacker Trying to Make Open-Source Drugs

He's already released plans for a $30 version of the EpiPen and the outline​ for Daraprim, the drug made famous by Martin Shkreli.
Emily Crose
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A Bunch of High Schoolers Recreated Martin Shkreli's Overpriced HIV Drug for $15

A group of 16- and 17-year-old boys was able to recreate Daraprim for just $2 a pill.
Lauren Messman

The Thin Line Between 'Bad Drugs' and Medicine

Medical anthropologist Danya Glabau is teaching a class in how the discourse around drugs has changed.
Peter Moskowitz
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How Big Pharma Drug Pricing Costs Us Our Health

AIDS activism group ACT UP is on the front lines again—this time in a global fight for universal access to 'miracle' hep C, HIV, and cancer medications. So what's stopping them?
Amelia Abraham
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Watch: Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

An exclusive interview with the new poster child of capitalistic greed.

Wine, Wu-Tang, and Pharmaceuticals: Inside Martin Shkreli's World

Is everyone's least favorite "pharma bro" turning over a new leaf? Or just looking for more attention?
Allie Conti
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That Pharma CEO Everyone Hates Isn't Lowering the Price of That $750 Pill After All

"It's always been affordable," he told Bloomberg on Wednesday.
Mike Pearl

We Asked an Expert How the Price of a Pill Could Go from $13.50 to $750 Overnight

Former hedge funder Martin Shkreli made headlines for jacking up the price of a medication dramatically. How can we stop price-gouging from happening?
Mike Pearl

Douglas Coupland: Growing Up Drug-Agnostic in a Global Pot Capital

This piece isn't a gratuitous drug tell-all on my part. But everyone has a drug story. You have one, too, and it will expand as you age.
Douglas Coupland

​Pill-Popping Kitties: Inside the Pharmaceutical Treatment of Depressed and Anxious Cats

Maybe your cat needs some Xanax. Or acupuncture.
Sophie Saint Thomas

I Used Ketamine to Treat My Depression

"After my first treatment, I felt good for a week. Not the kind of bipolar 'good' where I'd be manic. I felt normal for the first time in a long time."
Brent Miles as told to Troy Farah