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Phil Kessel's Love for Hot Dogs Was All One Big Dirty Lie

Turns out Kessel isn't the hot dog connoisseur he was portrayed to be, according to his sister Amanda.


The NHL Got the All-Star Rosters Wrong, Obviously

Based on some of these selections, it's clear fans should be more involved than the league when it comes to choosing All-Stars.


DGB Grab Bag: Draisaitl's Deal, Icing the Rules, and the Devils Get Dramatic

Plus, Phil Kessel reaches a historic Down Goes Brown milestone.


Phil Kessel Was Never a Loser, and Hockey Is Dumb for Saying Otherwise

Kessel was a lightning rod for criticism as a Toronto Maple Leaf. Two years with the Penguins and two Stanley Cups later, it's clear that he wasn't the problem.


Jim Rutherford and Mike Sullivan Ensure the Crosby-Malkin Era Isn't Wasted

The Penguins became the NHL’s first back-to-back champions in nearly two decades Sunday night, and their GM and head coach are the biggest reason why.


Angry Phil Kessel Is the Best Phil Kessel

And the Penguins love it. Never change, Phil.


Columbus' Zach Werenski Out for Playoffs After a Phil Kessel Shot Broke His Face

The Blue Jackets' rookie defenceman suffered a facial fracture during a Game 3 loss and will miss the remainder of the postseason.


OK, So Maybe We Haven't Seen the Last of Peak Sidney Crosby

Last year, our hockey columnist wrote that Sidney Crosby's best days were behind him. Now Dave Lozo is willing to admit that perhaps he was wrong.


If Any Team in This Era Is Going to Repeat as Stanley Cup Champs, It's the Penguins

As long as Pittsburgh is motivated and can avoid bad breaks in crucial situations, this is the year we finally get a repeat champion that allows us to have a genuine conversation about a true dynasty in a salary-cap environment.


Phil Kessel Hurt Team USA's Feelings

The truth hurts.


Down Goes Brown's Grab Bag: Chris Chelios' Malibu Mob, and the 'Habs Habs Baby' Parody Song

The Malibu Mob is a tightly knit group of celebrity friends from Hollywood and pro sports, and Chris Chelios is their leader.